The Tire Mounting Tool was invented to help you mounting Off-Road tires easyly and fast. The Tool can be used with or without Kauritmoto Tire Mounting Stand. This is the original tool invented in Estonia by racers for racers.

  • Makes mounting tyre easy in 60 seconds.
  • Never brakes inner tube.
  • Never scratches rim.
  • Universal, hub bearings size 20mm-28mm, rim size 16″-21″
  • Steel axle, CNC machined aluminium parts, practically bulletproof.
  • Extra axles available (15mm or 17mm)
  • Extra pushers available (10″-15″ wheels) Ask for extra information at

Price 119 USD + shipping + VAT (EU only)

Possible to buy extras for small wheels:

SuperAxle for small diameter axles 12 mm to 28 mm – 30 USD

Short pusher for 10″ to 14″ wheels – 30 USD

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You can pay with PayPal or normal bank wire.


Tyre Mounting Tool

Tyre Mounting Tool

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