The new little sister for the mighty TMT4.
Affordable, light and easy-to-use machine to take care of all air-tube motocross/enduro tires from 10″ up to 21″.
The upgraded smart TMT tool with a special feature to easily remove the tire without turning the wheel up-side-down.

Available with the SuperAxle for all small-diameter axles (as an extra).

The Standard TMT4 Lite (299 EUR, approx. 370 USD)
Foldable TMT tire changing stand
Self-locking axle
Tire iron holder

Extras available:
TMT Tire Mounting Tool with self-locking axle for 20-28 mm axles including standard pusher for TMT – 16″ to 21″ wheels – 50 EUR
Small wheel KIT – 75 EUR – TMT SuperAxle Upgrade for 12 mm to 28 mm axles and an extra TMT Short pusher for 10″ to 14″ wheels
TMT approved Tire Irons – 12 EUR/pc
Bead Buddy – 10 EUR
Tire valve tool – 10 EUR

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Instruction video: