The little one – TMT4 Lite

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Hey there!

We have exiting news with another machine released. The fresh TMT4 Lite is a small sister for the mighty TMT4 TireCharger. The more affordable, lighter machine is everything you need to your workshop if you work with air-tubes. The original TMT folding tire stand with adjustable to 10″ – 21″ motocross/enduro wheels.

On top of that you will have the legendary Kauritmoto Tire Mounting Tool, the tool invented by us to make mounting tire an effortless process.

The TMT4 Lite including everything you need starts at superb 349 USD. Shipping to US, Canada, Europe.

Check out the video:


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The best just got better – TMT4 TireCharger is ready for shipping

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Greetings to our loyal clients that have been us for those fun years through developement of new and exciting products. The original Kauritmoto Tire Mounting Tool was a revolutional tool that opened eyes of so many. It was unique, simple and affordable. But, that was just a start. Now followed by many generations of TMT tire stands, we a are proud to show you the fourth generation, the mighty TMT4 TireCharger tire mounting stand. No truely universal for 10″ to 21″ off-road tires and easier to use than ever before.

Now everyone is capable to change even the hardest tires with Mousse tubes and the TMT4 is also perfect for your moto-workshop. Highest quality is still included!

Check out the video and get yours today!


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New products in developement

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Dear TireMountingTool fan,

Thank you for your loyalty for the Original tire tool! We have some good news to share.

First that we have now the economy version of the TMT BikeStand that is without the folding option and with normal wooden plate, but is also strong as hell and will never let you down.

We are also developing extra kit for TMT3 tire stand to be able to change tires on smaller motocross bikes, like the 50cc and 65cc.

We will keep you updated,

TMT team

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The Original Tire Mounting Tool

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Hey Dear friend,

We are lucky to see You here and we are happy to help You with that awful job named changing tires. We have spent years developing the best tools and we are keen to shere them with You.
We are sure that you will have a smile on your face after changing a BIB-Mousse tire with the brand new TMT3 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions at

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Tire Mounting Tool has a new webpage!

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Hello all Kauritmoto Tyre Mounting Tool friends!

We have now settled with a new webpage, it takes some time to get things working, but our idea is to make it simple for our customers to find new attractive products and buy them quickly and safely.

The page is still under construction, so if you have any problems, contact

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