The TMT4 Tire Charger comes with the mighty Up & Down pusher system with refined geometry, high range of changeable tire sizes, rim-lock inserter, tire locker, rim hook, tire iron holder and more! Add the Original TMT tool for even easier tire mounting.

Adjustable to all motocross/enduro tires from 10″ mini bikes to 21″ tires. Easy adjustment for each different rim size. Of course, it is foldable and fits into your support truck.

It is true one-size-fits-all tire machine that will make miracles in your workshop. Changing even the hardest tires with large BIB-mousses has never been easier.

There is shorter pusher available for the TMT tool for 10″-14″ tires. The optional Supeaxle is for wheel axles with diameter smaller than 20 mm. The superaxle includes bushings for 12 mm, 15 mm and 17 mm.
The original TMT pusher is good for 16″ to 21″ tires and the original axle is for 20 – 28 mm wheel axles.

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The TMT4 set (699 EUR) includes:
Foldable tire mounting stand 10″ to 21″
Self-locking axle
Up&Down pusher system
Tire iron holder
Rim hook
(Tire irons are not included in the base price)

Available extras:
TMT Tire Mounting Tool with self-locking axle for 20-28 mm axles including standard pusher for TMT – 16″ to 21″ wheels – 50 EUR
Small wheel KIT – 75 EUR – TMT SuperAxle Upgrade for 12 mm to 28 mm axles and an extra TMT Short pusher for 10″ to 14″ wheels
TMT approved Tire Irons – 12 EUR/pc
Bead Buddy – 10 EUR
Tire valve tool – 10 EUR

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