TMT5 is the tire machine for air tube and BIB-Mousse tires for 16″ to 21″ wheels. The machine is the outcome of 10 years of TMT developments and is the best tire changing machine available. The TMT4 can be used for extra high range of wheel sizes, but for 16″ to 21″ wheels the TMT5 offer the best stability and ease of use. The TMT5 comes with the mighty Up&Down pusher system with refined geometry, rim-lock inserter, tire locker, tire iron holder and more! Add the Original TMT tool for even easier tire mounting.

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The TMT5 set includes:
Foldable tire mounting stand 16″ to 21″
Self-locking axle
Up&Down pusher system
Tire iron holder
(Tire irons are not included in the base price)

Available extras:
TMT Tire Mounting Tool with self-locking axle for 20-28 mm axles including standard pusher for TMT – 16″ to 21″ wheels – 50 EUR
TMT Superaxle – 50 EUR – TMT SuperAxle Upgrade for 12 mm to 28 mm axles
TMT approved Tire Irons – 12 EUR/pc
Bead Buddy – 10 EUR
Tire valve tool – 10 EUR

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