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TMT Kauritmoto

TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool

TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool

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The Original – Tire Mounting Tool was invented to help you mounting Off-Road tires easily and fast. The Tool can be used with or without TMT Tire Mounting Stands. This is the original tool invented in Estonia by racers for racers.

  • Makes mounting tires easy in 60 seconds.
  • Never brakes inner tube.
  • Does not scratch rims.
  • Universal, hub bearings size 20mm – 28mm, rim size 16″-21″
  • Steel axle, CNC machined aluminum parts, practically bulletproof.
  • Extra Superaxle (diameter 12mm to 28mm) +70 €
  • Extra Short pusher available (10″-14″ wheels) +50 €
  • Superaxle/pusher combo +110 €

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  • Built to last

    Highest quality and manufactured locally in Estonia

  • Proven at professional racing

    TMT is engineered by racers - built for winnnig