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TMT Kauritmoto

TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool

TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool

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The Original – Tire Mounting Tool was invented to help you mounting Off-Road tires easily and fast. The Tool can be used with or without TMT Tire Mounting Stands. This is the original tool invented in Estonia by racers for racers.

  • Makes mounting tires easy in 60 seconds.
  • Never brakes inner tube.
  • Does not scratch rims.
  • Universal, hub bearings size 20mm – 28mm, rim size 16″-21″
  • Steel axle, CNC machined aluminum parts, practically bulletproof.
  • Extra Superaxle (diameter 12mm to 28mm) +70 €
  • Extra Short pusher available (10″-14″ wheels) +50 €
  • Superaxle/pusher combo +110 €

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Customer Reviews

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Just get one, you won’t regret

Best of all, I've been using the "TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool" for three years now and just love it. It makes mounting tires so easy, without scratching rims, without much effort. I can only recommend the "TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool" to everyone, whether you ride tubes or Mousse inserts. Buy the Original from the inventor, not the US copy.

Nathan jones
Great bit of kit

The tire mounting tool is brilliantly effective, its as portable as possible and makes tyre fitting MUCH easier. I won't go on a trip without it

Great tool

Wicked little tool. Works well.

TMT- Great tool !

a small, easy to use and very helpful tool.
Changed the tire changing from a curse to a fun job..

Grustur i øst
TMT SuperAxle upgrade for 12 mm - 28 mm axles

WOW finally a great tool for mounting tires. Very easy too use. Its is a little bit heavy, but no problem.

  • Built to last

    Highest quality and manufactured locally in Estonia

  • Proven at professional racing

    TMT is engineered by racers - built for winnnig