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TMT6 - TireCharger Max

TMT6 - TireCharger Max

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Tire irons

TMT6 TireCharger Max is the tire machine for air tube and BIB-Mousse tires for 10" to 21" wheels. The TMT6 offers maximum versatility for all motocross/enduro wheel sizes and has optional mount to make dual rim-lock (one-side) inserting easy. The direct rim supports make sure that even the toughest tires can be mounted without damaging the spokes.

The TMT6 TireCharger Max set includes the TMT Original pusher tool and comes with the mighty Up&Down pusher system with refined geometry, rim-lock inserter, tire locker, tire iron holder and more! If you already have the Original TMT tool, you can order the TMT6 set without one.

The TMT6 TireCharger Max set includes:

  • TMT Original pusher tool
  • Foldable tire mounting stand 10" to 21"
  • Self-locking axle
  • Up&Down pusher system
  • Tire iron holder

Available extras:

  • Comfort extra set - Including Bead buddy, Tire Valve tool and a Mount for dual-rim lock (one-side - total up to 3 rim locks) +70 €
  • Small wheel upgrade extra set - Including TMT Superaxle and Dual TMT pushers for 12-28 mm axles and 10"-21" wheels +120 €
  • TMT approved 15" Tire Irons – 15 €/pc - total 60 € for 4 pc

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for Mousse inserts

Best of all, I've been using the "TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool" for three years now and just love it. It makes mounting tires so easy, without scratching rims, without much effort. I can only recommend the "TMT The Original - Tire Mounting Tool" to everyone, whether you ride tubes or Mousse inserts.

In addition, I have now purchased the TMT6 - Tire Charger Stand. So far, I have changed only two tube tires and one Mousse tire. The advantage of the TMT6 is certainly that the down-pusher arm is operated with the leg, so you can continue to work with both hands while operating the pedal. It's like having that often needed third hand. Another feature I decided to go for the TMT6 is the up-pusher arm, which allows you to remove tires while the rim is securely held in place by a hook. For changing a mousse, the combination of the "Tire Mounting Tool" and the TMT6 stand works really well. When removing tube tires, I think I still behave a bit clumsy, especially when the rim lock is opposite the valve stem. I find up-pushing over the rim to be quite hard and without much care, so I still prefer my previous method of removing tube tires on the ground.

The short form:
"Tire Mounting Tool": Just get one, you will love it.
The TMT6: It's absolutely fine and trouble-free for Mousse. If you just change tube tires all the time, you don't really need that stand. The stand is solidly built and has a nice finish.

Freddy Johansen

It is a fantastik tool, but my order was a standard TMT 6 and I look at the web site and on the pictur the pushrod is on it,
but wen I receved the TMT 6 the pushrod was not included, and the TMT 6 is uselees.
You have to put the pushrod in the standard set, or writhe to the byer and tel them its not inclutet, so you not have to send it over 2 times.
Ps. I have try to call you on the phone but not com tru.
Best regards.
Freddy Johansen
I will tell al my buddys to bay one.

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