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TMT6 - TireCharger Max

TMT6 - TireCharger Max

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TMT6 TireCharger Max is the tire machine for air tube and BIB-Mousse tires for 10" to 21" wheels. The TMT6 offers maximum versatility for all motocross/enduro wheel sizes and has optional mount to make dual rim-lock (one-side) inserting easy. The direct rim supports make sure that even the toughest tires can be mounted without damaging the spokes.

The TMT6 TireCharger Max comes with the mighty Up&Down pusher system with refined geometry, rim-lock inserter, tire locker, tire iron holder and more! Add the Original TMT tool for even easier tire mounting.

The TMT6 TireCharger Max set includes:

  • Foldable tire mounting stand 10" to 21"
  • Self-locking axle
  • Up&Down pusher system
  • Tire iron holder

Available extras:

  • TMT Tire Mounting Tool with self-locking axle for 20-28 mm axles including standard pusher for TMT – 16″ to 21″ wheels - 100 €
  • Small wheel upgrade - TMT Superaxle and Dual TMT pushers for 12-28 mm axles and 10"-21" wheels +120 €
  • Mount for dual-rim lock (one-side - total up to 3 rim locks) +30 €
  • TMT approved Tire Irons – 15 €/pc - total 60 € for 4 pc
  • Bead Buddy - 20 €
  • Tire valve tool - 20 €

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